b'A Strategy to Transition Liquid Biofuel Distribution|January 2021|V1 A Strategy to Transition Liquid Biofuel Distribution|January 2021|V1Domestic Heating InformationIntroduction UK & IrelandThe UK & Ireland Fuel Distributors Associationdistributionnetworks(anadvantageversus (UKIFDA)LtdanditsMembersagreeandother technologies that will need dedicated, new support the principle of decarbonisation, cleaninfrastructure).It ties into one of ourOnly 3% of GB homes are energy46%growth and clean air. We believe that we can playefficient (being in EPC a part in achieving the net-zero aims publishedThis publication outlines the vision for the futureband A to C) 1by The Committee on Climate Change. Liquidof liquid fuel distribution.27.8m 2 of oil heated homes fuels are changing and will continue to changestrategic goalspassionate and industry leading to meet the aims of the Paris Agreement.advocacy of liquid fuels to government and publicUK householdsbodiesandourbrandpurpose:tosupportGovernmentshouldencouragethe400,000in England were built Ourmemberscanprovideconsumerswithourmemberstoruntheirbusinessessafely,1.5m use households with non-condensing boilers to upgradepre-1919. Their transitionalsupportandlow-carbonfuelssustainably and successfully liquid fuel 3 (notexcludethemfromgrants)therebyreducingsolid walls make thatcanbeeasilydroppedintoexistingtheir emissions by 20 to 30% 5 fabric improvements expensive 4What do we do? Residential10.2% of Irelands total CO 2 6makes up equivalent emissionsThe UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) is the trade association for the liquid fuels2m 6 80% of energy in 2m homes distribution industry in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. dwellings in Ireland 6is used for heating WE ENGAGE space and water 22%We have a unique position at the centre of the supply chain, so we can engage with and influence the primary suppliers and end users. We also work alongside Transport Forums and other Trade Associations, offering added value to our members through our connections at686k 89% 386,004 Switching to condensing every level. of off grid homesboilers could result in a Estimatedoff grid homesWE INFORM use oil 7 in ROI were belownon-condensing boilers in use 6 reduction of up to 22% With approximately 1.5 million households in the UK and 686,000 in the Republic of IrelandBER rating C 8 fuel consumption / unit 6using liquid fuel for heating, and an estimated 250,000 commercial fuel boilers in each country, our role is to keep our members informed of any important new developments andLiquidbiofuelshavenotJoin our campaign and use the changes in their market. received the green light fromtemplates on our website to ask WE REPRESENT governmentbutwhynot? your MP for their supportThe UKIFDA distributor membership base delivers heating oil to residential homes, as9well as marine, agricultural, commercial, retail, and industrial businesses. Our distributorA new air source heat pump, itself, will cost between9,000 and 11,000 in the UKmembers range from national companies down to small independent distributorships jointly10employing over 9,135 people in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and a combined turnoverA new air source heat pump, itself, will cost between10,000 and 12,000 in Irelandof 12bn. On behalf of our industry, we work with governments in the UK and Ireland and the European Commission. For example, were currently lobbying for the retention of liquidAdditional fabric enhancements will beAdditional fabric enhancements will be fuel heating using liquid biofuels as green alternative fuels for the future. needed for the 97% of GB homes in EPCneeded for the 89% of Irish homes in BER band D or below and this could cost aband C or below and this could cost a WE SUPPORT further 13,000 to 20,000 11 further 40,000 to 60,000 12We promote our members and industry in a positive light to support operational activity, reinforce existing work, influence opinion and enhance reputation, helping our members share best practice and overcome issues. It provides members with services to assist in1. BEIS Minister Written Answer, 29/10/2018 based on Analysis of National Housing Model input data, drawing from English Housing Survey 2014, Scottish Housing Condition Survey 2014, Welsh Housing Conditions Survey 2014. 2. ONS Data 2019. 3. Census 2011. 4. OFTECA Strategy for optimising their business efficiencies including depot audits, certification schemes anddecarbonising oil heated homes May 2020. 5. Which.co.ukOil Central Heating guide October 2020 (average costs) and Getting the best heating oil tanker driver training. UKIFDA also promotes best practice in the industry through theprices (average saving) November 2020. 6. A Review of the Irish Residential Heating Sector, The Impact of Bioliquids and other Emissions Reduction Measures, 20th November 2020. 7. Ireland Central Statistics Office 2016. 8. OFTEC commissioned study in April 2018. 9. energysavingtrust.org.uk/UKIFDA Code of Practice. advice/air-source-heat-pumps. 10. energysavingtrust.org.uk/advice/air-source-heat-pumps. 11. OFTEC analysis in November 2020 of MCS Average costs of certified installations data 2019. 12. www.superhomes.ie.2'