b'A Strategy to Transition Liquid Biofuel Distribution|January 2021|V1 A Strategy to Transition Liquid Biofuel Distribution|January 2021|V1Liquid fuels should be part of theoff-grid home heating solutionSO, WILL THERE BE ENOUGHThistransitionalplansuggestsarequirement Decarbonisation will cost. In 2019, a study by InIndependently confirmed,forHVO(orthelike)in100,000homeseach Perpetuum(commissionedbyOFTEC)clearlyHVO has one of the lowestHVO IN THE UK AND IRELAND? year, creating additional annual demand for HVO showed that the most cost-effective solutioncarbonintensitiesofallIfgovernmentencourageenergyefficiencyof around 150m litres each year across the UK for reducing carbon emissions in off grid homesfuelslistedinSAPTablemeasures (that do not exclude oil heated homes)(assuminggovernmenthavereduceddemand wasliquidbiofuel.AB100fuel(containing120.036kgCO2e/kWh(forcomparisonthen the demand for liquid fuels is likely to fall. Athrough energy efficiency measures). 150m litres zero fossil fuel) would result in a cost of 122Biomassislistedat0.053andelectricityUKIFDA view of future demand relies on energyis roughly 5% of the current total marketplace so pertonneofcarbonsavedwhichcompared0.233). efficiency measures being effectively encouragednot a significant amount. A similar trajectory in very favourably with other possible solutions Global and European production of the fueland deployed. Ireland creates circa 70m litres demand each year. includingthoseseeminglyfavouredbythe government and that cost will be borne by theis increasing. The expected capacity in 2020UK Kerosene Demand 000 litres - UKIFDA Split Heat is a devolved policy in the UK. UKIFDA will homeowner.is6.8milliontonnes(50%riseon2017)4,000,000 Domestic lobby for a collective approach on timelines across ofwhich3.87milliontonnesofinstalled3,500,000 Industry UK devolved governments and Ireland to prevent capacity is in Europe.3,000,000 additional supply chain complications.B100 122Thecapitalcostofconversionfrom liquid fuel 2,500,000830k biofuel/ kerosenetoHVOisaround500 2,000,000 Your local distributor and its Trade Association are blend 175 (according to OFTEC) and requires nofabric1,500,000 lobbyinggovernmenttobetechnologyneutral improvement to the property.andtocreateafair,inclusive,supportive,and 1,000,000Bio LPG 100% 220Runningcostshavebeenindependentlyeffective policy on eliminating carbon from home modelledandsuggestthattheannual500,000 heating.Hydrogenisrecognisedasapotential Biomass Boiler 271 heatingandhotwaterrunningcostofa0 alternativetogasheatingsowhyarentliquid Hybrid* 321 three-bedroom house would be2.Immediate electrification of 3% that are EPC A, B or C biofuels included as an alternative to heating oil?1. o1,859 for an air source heat pump (ASHP)Total market split using UKIFDA consumer split dataAir Source serving radiators or 1,628 if using wood3.Efficiencies from insulation, smart metering and new boilers. Industry low carbon teamHeat Pump pellets.4.Possible choice of other solutions as they move up EPC bands. UKIFDA is proud to have chaired the cross-321 5.Other solutions reduce industrial demand in a short time periodStorage Heaters 333 oA condensing boiler using rebated 100%Source: UKIFDA estimates of future demand through energy efficiencies industryRoadmaptoZerosteeringteam HVOwouldcost35lessperannumIf the transition to a new low carbon fuel begansinceitbeganinJanuary2020.Itbrings Ground Source411 than an ASHP, but 196 more than usingwithnewandreplacementinstallations(viatogetherseveralTradeAssociationsinthe Heat Pump biomass.building regulation or carbon intensity measuresUK and Ireland including their technical teams Panel Convector555 oHowever, a fully controlled and interlockedassuggestedbytheSustainableEnergyand their board/committee members. Whilst or Radiant Heaters condensingboilerwouldcost24perAssociation) then the supply requirements wouldthe initial focus is on home heating (the final After full analysis of all the technical heating options available, and once fabricannumlessthanbiomass(datasourceoff-grid heating consultation is expected in improvement, costs, impact and the CAPEX, OPEX and total CO2 emissions perbereasonable.Thegraphbelowusesa2025 heating option are understood, the alternative heating options can be ranked by aOFTEC) effective for illustrative purposes. early 2021 in the UK), the steering team is not metric that measures both decarbonisation and cost impact to the end consumerrestricted to that sector.over the 15 year lifecycle of the equipmentthe Carbon Saving Cost (/t per year). Estimate - 6 tonnes of carbon emissions from oil heating household per year * HVO does not need you to implement additional3,000,000 UK Domestic Fuel Demand Transition The aims of the steering team include:energyefficiencymeasurestobeeffectiveKerosene Demand 000 litres Lobby for liquid biofuels policy inclusion.Thesetypesofliquidfuelcouldbee-fuelsalthough you could reduce your long-term energy2,500,000 New Liquid Fuel Demand 000 litresProve that low carbon fuels are available now.(synthesisedfuelsalreadyavailableinEurope), Provide data and evidence about these new needs by doing so.2,000,000pyrolysis oils (made from plastics or tyres withfuels to shape policy.newproducerscomingtotheUKmarket)orAfurtherpotentialbarriertoheatpump1,500,000 Trial all possible new fuels/blends through refinedproductdevelopedwithoutfossilfuels.deployment in rural areas is that it is not always1,000,000 academia and field trial networks.One such product is HVO. costeffectivetoupgradethelocalelectricityEncourage timelines to be set for liquid fuel network,anissuehighlightedrecentlybythe500,000 specification changes.HydrotreatedVegetableOil(HVO)offersaNational Grid (Future Energy Scenarios 2020). In0 Pushforenergyefficiency/scrappage rapid, convenient and cost-effective solution tothe three successful net zero scenarios National20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 schemes for off-grid homes.decarbonise the existing off the gas grid housingGrid modelled, between 619,200 and 1,008,215 Collaborate across UK and Europe.stock. off-gas grid homes, currently heated by oil or LPG,The current workstreams are split into 5 key areaswouldrequireanalternativenon-electricheat solution, with liquid biofuels being recommended.Academia Field Trials IndependentConsumerAdvocacyData Campaigns* https://portlandgreen.co.uk/offsetting/ assuming a use of 2,000 litres per year3 4'