b'A Strategy to Transition Liquid Biofuel Distribution|January 2021|V1 A Strategy to Transition Liquid Biofuel Distribution|January 2021|V1Our calls to action5 SIMPLE ACTIONS FOR GOVERNMENTSWE NEED MEMBER SUPPORT andtrustedrelationshipswiththeoff-grid homeowners which governments should utilise in 1 Introduce energy efficiency support measures for all homes (on or off grid) irrelevant of currentUKIFDA Members have adapted over the last 50their transitional planning and also have excellent technology and protect the fuel poor. or 60 years and can do so again.relationshipswiththeprimarysupplierswhich wouldhelptoencouragetheinnovationand 2 Maintain a technology neutral approach rather than try and pick winners as decarbonisationManyfamilybusinessesstartingoffdeliveringinvestment required to accelerate the production milkorcoalorlogsandnowdeliverasuiteofof new fuels.requires a multi technology solution. consumer services including the delivery of oil, 3 Understand that liquid biofuels are the best solution for many, many homes in the UK and Irelandthe provision of tanks, the supply of lubricantsOurMemberscantransportthefutureliquid and newer branches of environmental protectionfuelrequiredunderanynewcarbonintensity and government should support the positive, in-progress trials. and remediation. maximumstherebycontinuingtoprovidecost 4 Pass legislation to effect fuel specification changes in agreed timelines that allows consumersThere are almost 10,000 skilled people employedeffective,efficientliquidbiofuelsfordomestic to plan and for suppliers to innovate and invest to ramp up supplies of liquid biofuels. by our Members across the UK and Ireland withand commercial end users, but you need to get 5 Use tax rates to incentivise take up of liquid biofuels in domestic, agricultural and commerciala turnover totalling 11bn. They have excellentinvolved to help us.premises rather than using carbon tax to ramp up prices to try and force change. MEMBER CALL TO ACTION 1 Login to the Members area of ukifda.org and download templates to help you inform your customers.Government should immediately include boilerBuilding regulations and carbon intensity may be2 Download letters that you can send to your local MP, MSP or TD.replacement in any new or existing green homesa good way of transitioning homes and UKIFDA grant scheme as an upgrade to a condensingwouldsupportthehigh-levelideaspurported3 Keep abreast of the latest news about the trials and volunteer to participate as opportunity boiler can save between 20 to 25% emissionsbytheSustainableEnergyAssociationwhoarises in 2021 and repost UKIFDA social media messages.dependant on the size of the boiler/home. fuelhave suggested using a defined, declining line of4 Ask your fuel supplier about their plans for liquid biofuel production in the UK and Ireland and carbonemissionsovertheyearsthatdictateswhat plans they have to inform industry.Governmentshouldquicklysetnewliquidthe changes to be made at the end of the life of specifications with low emissions for use in offcurrent technology in each home.5 Provide information, as requested, to help UKIFDA represent your views in the important grid home heating systems. The timeline can begovernment consultations to come in 2021.aggressive but realistic - beginning the transitionAlliedtofuelspecificationchanges,taxshould inthemid-2020s.Lowcarbonliquidbiofuelsbe used to incentivise people to move to the new areavailable,andgovernmentcanacceleratefuel(reducedtaxonrenewables)asopposedCONSUMER CALL TO ACTIONproductioninvestmentandinnovationjustbyto increasing tax on fossil fuels to force people including them in the future technology mix andto switch to ineffective solutions to avoid cost.1by including low carbon liquid biofuels used forThis increases costs on those who cannot affordGo to the consumer page on ukifda.org and review the information about future fuels.home heating in the RTFO scheme for suppliers. to transition to preferred solutions potentially increasing fuel poverty. 2 Join our campaign, via the website, and engage with your local MP, MSP or TD.Government should encourage local authorities,3 Follow UKIFDA on social media and repost universities and businesses to work together toour messages and information.pilotinnovativetechnologieslikeliquidbiofuels4 Register you interest in understanding moreUse Heating Oil?that could provide the answer for hard to heatLow carbon liquid biofuel (lower emissions than marketsliketheoff-gridhomesacrosstheabout the result of local trials in the domesticbiomass) is going through rigorous consumer and agricultural sectors. trails in UK homes now.UK.ThiscouldthenensureaskilledworkforceRegister your interest to know when it will be andpostCOVID-19jobopportunitiesinnew5 Talk to your OFTEC technician or your UKIFDA available to use in your home.technology - and should receive financial supportsupplier about future proofing your equipment Email: info@ukifda.orgfrom the government to do so. for liquid biofuels. #LiquidFuelFuture7 8'