b'ETTINGTONETTINGTON CHURCHA Barbara PerkinsA PAINTING07548 381555|www.greenart.org.uk|enquiries@greenart.org.ukOriginal mixed media paintings, textiles and handmade cards inspired by wild open spaces, deserted beaches and woodland. Exhibiting with other members of Visual Arts Forum. Gordon ConnellB PAINTING07729 689849|www.gordonconnell.co.uk|gordon@gn.apc.orgRadiant abstract oil paintings that explore colour and texture. Full of life andBcolour - mainly blue. Exhibiting with other members of Visual Arts Forum. Jan BunyanC PRINTMAKING01926 641560|janbunyan@btinternet.comArtists prints, many unique, oil painting, some ceramics. Also cards and unframed prints. A love of colour and form are my inspiration, and enjoying the freedom to explore and amuse. Jo WadeD PAINTING01789 740890|www.jowadeartist.co.uk|jowade06@aol.comOriginal mixed media paintings, experimental in approach and ideas, reflecting on the saying Time and tide wait for no man and time in general. Unframed paintings, etchings and handmade cards too. Exhibiting with seven other members of Visual Arts Forum. C D21'