b'HOWWarwickshire Open StudiosA vibrant celebration of the regions creative talent.DO IOur annual Summer Art Weeks is a celebration of the quality and diversity of visual art found across Warwickshire and Coventry. FIND . Sadly we had to cancel this years event, but as work on the printed brochure was well underway weve turned it into this digital version to showcase the 320+ talented artists and makers who had signed up to take partART I LIKE? Original art at affordable pricesWhether youre after creative inspiration for your own projects or Browse the catalogue looking to purchase a unique piece of art, you truly are spoilt for See more pictures choice. As well as all the new artists who joined us this year, those at wostudios.org/search you may have visited previously will have created new work. So have a browse to see what catches your eye, then visit wostudios.org/search to see more pieces by the artist in question in their .IS THERE online Gallery or visit their own website. AN ARTISTSupport local businessesNEAR YOU? We realise these are difficult times for all, but if you are in a Artists appear next to position to support a local artistmany of whom rely on events neighbouring venues such as ours to sell their workplease do buy a piece of artwork within the brochure in from them, purchase a voucher for a workshop or give them a colour coded regionscommission. It really could make all the difference!Use our Search tools at wostudios.org/searchVenue information.AN ARTThe details listed in the following pages for the different venues FORM ORwere relevant for when the Summer Art Weeks was going ahead. For many of the artists this is not their usual contact ARTIST Iaddress, so please check directly with the artists before you visit KNOW? in the future or post anything. See the index insideCard payments acceptedback coverSearch for artists by WSWorking studioname or art form at wostudios.org/search For more information about any of our artists visit wostudios.org/search or contact the artist directly.Many thanks to artist Eric Klein Velderman (Venue 140) for designing our 2020 logo.'