b'PRINCETHORPEAARTISTS AT THE SHEEP DIP Alix AlmondAPRINTMAKINGwww.alixalmond.com|alixalmond@hotmail.co.ukInspired by feathered friends and the nature around me I create linocut prints (single and multi-coloured), all handprinted with my trusty spoon, as well as drawings and greetings cards. David ShepherdsonBWOODTURNING 07733 156295|www.pensunique.com|david@pensunique.comUnique handcrafted writing instruments - designed and created to be different and a joy to use.B Dee LuntleyCPAINTING07775 780709|www.sheepdipart.weebly.com|d.luntley@gmail.comC Painter using mixed media this year, focusing on my local environment of land, plant and plate. Jo RickettsDGLASS07881 765766|www.sheepdipart.weebly.com/joricketts|jo@westleyglass.co.ukUnique fused glass objects, inspired by art deco and the natural world, particularly the way that reflection, refraction and diffusion in glass alter our perception. This is evident in Jos newer sculptural and decorative pieces of work.DNicky LuntleyEPAINTINGNEWnrluntley@gmail.comPrimarily watercolour mixed with Indian ink powders, pen and chalk. First timer at Open Studios and excited to share a space with wonderful artists, makers and creators. EWSArtists at the Sheep Dip, Bridge House, Sheep Dip Lane, Princethorpe, Rugby CV23 9SPFirst property on the right, off A423. Park on the drive not in the lane. 56'