b'BARBYVenue 112 Janette George Painngs inspired by places I have visited where light and colour interact to provide beauty. www.janeegeorge.co.uk | @janeegeorgeart sea & landscapes | wide expansive skies the hues of nature | reecons in watertextures &layers A CLEVES GARDEN STUDIO Anthea YeoAMETALWORK07946 772120|www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AntheaYeoMetalArtanthea.yeo.metal.art@outlook.comCombining my passions for recycling and metalwork, I create unique and unusual jewellery and small sculptures. I am delighted to be exhibiting with other talented artists at Cleves Garden Studio and will be there on each Saturday of the event although my work will be there throughout.B Dot CroweBCERAMICS01788 891465|www.clevesgardenstudio.co.uk|clevesgardenstudio@gmail.comHandmade coiled or slabbed sculptured functional ceramic vessels, textured & incised work, organic in form. Inspired by nature and enhanced by combining elements found in our garden and the surrounding landscape.Cleves Garden Studio, 4 Cleves Cottage, Daventry Road, Barby, Rugby CV23 8TF63 We are down the road from Barby Nurseries & Willow Cafe.'